Understanding Learning Needs: an account



It’s not often, unfortunately, that I find another teaching professional who writes a post that corroborates my work on LQ and PBCF but here is one by Jodie Jasmin

Jodie shares her first thoughts when students are not engaged in the learning.

“My first thoughts when I hear a student is consistently misbehaving are;

1. What’s happening at home?
2. Do you have a good teacher-student bond?
3. Does your teacher speak to you with respect?
4. Are the lesson activities engaging and tailored to your needs?”

Sound familiar? It will if you have been reading this blog.

Jodie’s list clearly points to the four learning needs of Power Belonging Choice and Fun that we all have and must fulfil to be engaged in the learning process.


It’s a great article, and I am not just saying that because it looks as though we are of similar mind. Jodie hits the nail…

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Alex Campbell: When, How, and Why….to get jiggy with it……



Love sells (according to Barbara Taylor Bradford) but that’s not reason enough to include it in a novel. There can be nothing worse than gratuitous romance, it’s like adding extra salt to a gourmet meal. Romance should be integral and essential to a plot, otherwise, however hard you try, chances are it’ll come out as lame and shrivelled as a deflated heart balloon.

Admittedly, nearly every story I’ve ever conceived (unless it’s for the under-5s) has had some element of the love-ly stuff within it. I blame that partly on growing up chasing the passion of my literary favourites, most notably Heathcliff, whose words can still get my pulse rocketing, ‘If he loved with all the powers of his puny being, he couldn’t love as much in eighty years as I could in a day….’
And simply, just wanting to be Baby: ‘I’m scared of walking out of this room…

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